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Basic Information

I want to help you with any of your jewelry repairs in my state-of-the-art jewelry shop. I work alongside Marsha, a master jeweler who started working with me at Dolgin's in Kansas City over 40 years ago. We have the experience to fix any problem and ensure it will last well into the future. My jewelry store in Overland Park, KS is equipped with all the latest technology including our laser welder and bench scope to make sure your repair is completed correctly.

Ready on the bench ready to be soldered.

Example Repair

How the ring arrived in our jewelry store.

How It Started

How it arrived after years of wear. The emeralds were abraided, diamonds fallen out, and shank damaged.

Emerald and diamond ring on the bench before final polishing

What We Did

Work in progress on Marsha bench repairing the shank, repolishing the emerald, and refinshing the ring.

Emerald and diamond ring completed repaired.

How It Ended

The ring completely repaired just like the day she and her husband purchased it.

Antique sapphire ring in platinum with custom cut sapphire being reset

Dolgin's did a wonderful job refurbishing a ring I inherited from my mother after she passed away recently. They understood the sentimental value of the piece of jewelry, and they cleaned, sized and restored it to be even more beautiful than I imagined! They went above and beyond to replace everything to how it had been originally. I will treasure this ring for the rest of my life, and pass it along to the next generation. Thank you so much for your help!

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Common Jewelry Repairs

Ring Sizing

Fingers change size, and our rings can change size with them. We have the experience to size wedding & engagement rings, Costco rings, and about anything else in gold or platinum. Ring sizings are completed in our office.

Re-tipping and prong replacement

The metal holding diamonds and gemstones in jewelry wears away over years. We can rebuild them up or completely replace them using our laser welder.

Diamond and Gemstone setting and resetting

Diamonds and gemstones often need a new setting often because the metal has worn down. We set diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and more in our shop.

Rhodium plating (Dipping)

White gold rings are commonly plated with rhodium as the final step to get the metal white.

Replacing earring backs and/or posts

We like high quality security backs for earrings, so you do not lose them. We also can find you fiction backs and more.

Restring Pearls

The silk cord that makes the necklace wears out. We can restring pearls with the proper knots.

Cleaning Fine Jewelry

We professional clean jewelry so it sparkles nicely.

Watch Repair

We professional clean jewelry so it sparkles nicely.

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Polishing/Recutting Diamonds or Gemstones

We professional clean jewelry so it sparkles nicely.

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