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A Unique Jewelry Studio

The Dolgin's office is setup as a space to design, craft, and sell fine gold and platinum jewelry complete with a diamond and gemstone lab. We have all the necessary (and a few unnecessary) tools. Our office is low key, comfortable, personal, and secure.

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We look forward to helping you with whatever your jewelry need may be. As you can see, we have equipped.

10 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond in front of our welding torch on jewelers bench

Equipment Highlights

At Dolgins, we love our jewelry-making, design, and gemological tools and use them everyday. Here are a few highlights of what we have and why.

Laser welder smoking some silver from a ring.


Laser Welder

We do solder still but welding allows us to use harden wire for a stronger joint. Laser welders have changed jewelry-making when they were introduced. Ours works hard.

Diamond scale from the 1930s with cigarette burns, my grandfathers tweezers, and a beautiful engagement ring.


Diamond Scale

We have modern diamond scales, but this one has been with us for 4 generations. The original weights are still its drawer and the scale features cigarette burns from that bygone era.

3D printed engagement rings before they have been cleaned and viewed.

Jewelry Design

3D Printer

3D printing allows you to visualize and wear the custom jewelry we create. It ensures we get the piece right: from the minute details to the major ones.

Benchscope set up waiting to set some small accent diamonds known as melee.


Bench Scope

Petit and delicate jewelry has grown in popularity over the passed 20 years. Setting those small diamonds and gemstones takes specialized equipment including this scope.

Steam blasting some grime from an engagement ring.


Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner is the final step to get jewelry looking perfectly bright. The pressure from the steam blasts grime away leaving the diamonds and metal to shine.

Testing whether a diamond was earth-created or lab-grown.


Lab Grown Diamond Tester

Lab grown diamonds are becoming more common. To tell them apart, I use a tool which analyzes how diamonds reflect shortwave and longwave UV light.

Dolgins Jewelry Store Values

Icon of different diamond or gemstones in the design process

Designed By You

Our specialty is custom-crafting unique pieces for you around meaningful diamonds or unique gemstones.
Two people feeling comfortable with their jewelry purchase

Sold With Integrity

Every piece of Dolgins jewelry is sold with integrity. We are a family-owned and trusted business for 4 generations.
Jewelry made to wear while gardening because Dolgins believes jewelry is meant to be worn

Crafted With Care

Our jewelry is crafted with expertise and high standards to stand up to every day and every part of your life.