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We want your rings to fit comfortably, and fingers change sizes. We can size almost any gold or platinum ring to make them larger or smaller depending on your need. Some rings like eternity bands or certain setting styles are more difficult, but we normally can discuss options.
Whether making your ring larger (sizing it up) or smaller (sizing it down), we typically cut the ring on the bottom, add or subtract a measured piece of metal, contour that metal to fit together, secure it in, and refinish the ring. It is a time-tested process for us.


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Trying on a resized wedding ring to see how it fits.

Why Dolgins For Ring Sizings

Trusted & Experienced

Master Jeweler.
Entrust your jewelry to an experience goldsmith and platinumsmith. We have decades of experience and all the tools including a laser welder to size your ring.
We size your ring in our shop in our Overland Park. It does not leave our office. We are responsible for the work.
Size Until It Fits.
Ring sizings are difficult. Fingers can change size, and different rings fit differently. We understand that, so when you pay us to size a ring, we size it until we agree it fits. You only pay once.
Ring recently sized sitting on our jewelers bench sizing block.
Platinum wedding band being resized larger.Tools for resizing rings1970s Dolgins Catalog Resizing Tool that is no longer used.

What Is The Price To Size A Ring?

There are a few factors that affect the price of a ring sizing. Sizing a 14 karat yellow gold solitaire ring down one size is $100; sizing that same gold ring up one size is $125. Here are factors that affect the price.


How much and what material are we adding affects the price. Wider rings in platinum are most expensive to size than a narrow ring in 10 karat gold. Multiple metals are more difficult than just one.

Stone & Settings

Sizing a ring requires us to heat and bend metal. As we do that, it can affect the settings of diamonds or gemstones. More complicated sizing have more gemstones that do not take heat well.

Complementary Work

Often, making a ring smaller require additional work beyond just the sizing. We may have to solder rings together, repair prongs holding in a stone, or reapply a texture.

Love Your Jewelry

We want you to love and wear your jewelry. At Dolgins, we go to great lengths to ensure your jewelry is a piece you like and will like into the future. Please get your ring sized, so you can enjoy it again.

Joseph Dolgin holding a box with an engagement ring.

Dolgins Jewelry Store Values

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Designed By You

Our specialty is custom-crafting unique pieces for you around meaningful diamonds or unique gemstones.
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Sold With Integrity

Every piece of Dolgins jewelry is sold with integrity. We are a family-owned and trusted business for 4 generations.
Jewelry made to wear while gardening because Dolgins believes jewelry is meant to be worn

Crafted With Care

Our jewelry is crafted with expertise and high standards to stand up to every day and every part of your life.