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Dolgins has been buying unwanted jewelry including engagement rings, estate jewelry, antique jewelry, gold, platinum, and diamonds for decades in Kansas City. Our experience, market knowledge, onsite jewelry shop, and comfortable office make our store the best place to sell jewelry.

Kansas City jewelry, ring, gold, and diamond buyer Joseph Dolgin preparing to buy a diamond engagement ring.Marsha assessing the value of some gold.Joseph evaluating a diamond to buy.

The Best Place To Sell Jewelry

Dolgins has been a recognized gold, diamond, & jewelry buyer in Kansas City for 4 generations. We continue to buy and sell jewelry from our private store in Overland Park as an independent.

Fair Offers.
I understand you want the most money for your jewelry. Dolgins offers the highest price we can.
Local & Trusted.
When selling your gold or jewelry, it will stay with you. Our assessments are completed face-to-face. We have 4 generations of experience and have earned a good reputation.
Comfortable, Discreet Office.
The Dolgins office is quiet and personal with a complete jewelry shop. Selling jewelry can be difficult, so we are empathetic and honest.
Dolgins evaluating jewelry to buy in Kansas City.

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Frequenty Asked Questions About Selling Your Jewelry?

How much will I get paid?

I answer this question after I inspect the jewelry. It can be difficult to do without a close assessment. With appraisals and GIA reports, I can sometimes give an estimate; however, I need to see the item.

What percentage do you as a jeweler pay for jewelry?

This question is similar to the previous one and depends on the piece. In a few instances, I have paid WAY more than some insurance appraisal values (150% more than the appraisal value). Other times and more frequently, I have seen appraisal values 1000 times more than I could pay.

What is the process for selling unwanted jewelry?

Setup an appointment in my small and discreet Overland Park jewelry office. You can text me to setup a time. Our meeting will be quick. I will assess your piece and make you an offer. If you chose to accept, the offer I will write you a check.

How do you pay?

We pay with a check and do require a valid government-issued photo identification such as a drivers licence or passport.

What jewelry do you buy?

The list is long, but here are some highlights: engagement rings, diamonds, bracelets, earrings, estate jewelry, heirlooms, antique jewelry, gold, gold bullion and coins.

Do you trade-in jewelry or credit towards a new piece?

Yes, we commonly take old or unwanted rings, diamonds, and jewelry as payment or partial payment when we are making a new piece or completing a jewelry repair.

Is it a good time to sell my gold, diamonds, rings or jewelry?

Yes, offers are based on current market conditions. As of July 2024, gold and diamond markets are strong now versus where they have been most of life. We are selling and believe it is a good time.

What can I expect when selling my jewelry?

Marsha and I are jewelry professionals and will complete a thorough and honest evaluation. Our office is safe and low pressure. In addition, Marsha and I will give an honest assessment, which sometimes is not what someone wants to hear. We aim to make lasting relationships with clients.

Do I need paperwork or an appraisal?

No, it is not required. Though, please bring any paperwork you have including a GIA grading paper, original receipt, or insurance appraisal. Please note: there is no need to pay a jeweler for an updated appraisal if you are going to sell an item.

Selling Your Jewelry - Good Information To Know


Dolgin's has a long history and has been a trusted place to sell jewelry in Kansas City for GENERATIONS.

Jewelry Consignment

Do Not Consign Your Jewelry. Essentially, incentives are NOT aligned with jewelry is consigned. I prefer straightforward and fair transactions.

Buying A Wedding Ring

We are divorced or broken up. I want to sell this engagement ring or other jewelry because it is time to move on.

Inherited/Estate Jewelry

My mom, grandma, or great aunt had these jewelry items that we will not wear. I want to sell them and enjoy using the money elsewhere.


Unfortunately, some jewelers are dishonest. Sell to (and buy from) someone you trust.

Comfortable Office

Dolgins is a comfortable and no pressure office where you can feel safe and comfortable selling your jewelry.


Dolgins is a comfortable and no pressure office where you can feel safe and comfortable selling your jewelry.

Example Buys

At Dolgins, we have a long history of buying fine jewelry from worn out gold rings for $100 to complicated, high valued estates. Here are a few recent examples of what we have bought:



Who Sold... My family member (mother, aunt, grandma, etc.) left us some jewelry as a part of the estate. We distributed some items but want to sell these pieces.

What Specifically... Unworn nugget diamond ring and broken gold chain (not pictured)

Where Now... Remove diamonds, then sort and repurpose them. Refine and recycle gold.

Sold For... $500



Who Sold... The relationship has ended, and I am ready to move on. Selling this diamond ring and other items will help.

What Specifically... Platinum halo engagement ring with a 2 carat round brilliant center diamond and a mens platinum and 18 karat gold band

Where Now... Dismantle the ring. Refine the platinum. Reuse the melee diamonds in a new project. Have GIA grade the large 2 carat round center diamond and resell it.

Sold For... $8,000


Needed Money

Who Sold... I have some responsibilities elsewhere and am selling this diamond or jewelry to fulfill those promises.

What Specifically... 4 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond GIA graded

Where Now... Updated the GIA gradind report and make the diamond available to purchase

Sold For... $45,000


Traded/Wanted New

Who Sold... In order to fund her upgraded new ring, I accepted these antique bee pins as a form of payment.

What Specifically... Antique diamond and 18 karat yellow gold pin

Where Now... Refurbish the pin and try to sell

Sold For... $1,000



Who Sold... After pulling the diamonds and setting them in her new wedding band, I purchased the gold ring.

What Specifically... Dismantled, broken gold ring

Where Now... This ring was destroyed when we pulled the diamonds. The gold will be refined and recycled. She kept the diamonds to set in her new wedding band.

Sold For... $150


Worn Out

Who Sold... Bracelet in 14 karat white gold sold to Dolgins because it has worn out and had links that were breaking.

What Specifically... Worn out 14 karat white gold bracelet

Where Now... Refining and recycling the gold

Sold For... $350

Gold Price Through The Years

1969 to Today
As of , the price is $NaN. One factor that affects how much you will receive for your jewwelry is the price of gold. As you can see from this graph, there is some fluctuation in the price of gold but GOLD IS UP.

Sell Us Your Jewelry, Diamonds & Rings

Please reach out if you are interested selling some jewelry. We can answer any question and are happy to help!

Engagement Ring After Divorce Selling
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band sold following a divorce

Dolgin's was extremely helpful, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. Very knowledgeable and a real pro in his business. Best guy to bring gold rings & diamonds to, honest and best price. 10/10 recommended!

Sean P.Found Dolgins Through Google Search