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I have been buying unwanted jewelry including engagement rings, estate jewelry, antique jewelry, gold, platinum, and diamonds for decades in Kansas City.

Selling Jewelry - Quick Answers


Dolgin's has a long history and has been a trusted place to sell jewelry in Kansas City for GENERATIONS.

Jewelry Consignment

Do Not Consign Your Jewelry. Essentially, incentives are NOT aligned with jewelry is consigned. I prefer straightforward and fair transactions.

Buying A Wedding Ring

We are divorced or broken up. I wantt to sell this engagement ring or other jewelry because it is time to move on.

Inherited/Estate Jewelry

My mom, grandma, or great aunt had these jewelry items that we will not wear. I want to sell them and enjoy using the money elsewhere.

Trade-In For New Items

I want to use this jewelry towards the purchase of item I will wear and enjoy now. We do these jewelry trades often.


I complete a quick evaluation of your jewelry in my office and make you an offer. If you accept, I write you a check


Unfortunately, some jewelers are dishonest. Sell to (and buy from) someone you trust.

Comfortable Office

Dolgins is a comfortable and no pressure office where you can feel safe and comfortable selling your jewelry.

How Much Do You Pay?

This question is quite common. My answer is less than satisfactory but honest. I just do not know until I see the item.

Sell Us Your Jewelry, Diamonds & Rings

Please reach out if you are interested selling some jewelry. We can answer any question and are happy to help!

Engagement Ring After Divorce Selling
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band sold following a divorce

Dolgin's was extremely helpful, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. Very knowledgeable and a real pro in his business. Best guy to bring gold rings & diamonds to, honest and best price. 10/10 recommended!

Sean P.Found Dolgins Through Google Search