Symmetric Perfection

Emerald cut diamonds have less fire and brilliance than their brilliant cut companions. Their beauty is in their symmetrical rectangular reflections of cleanliness. These diamonds are among our favorites especially for three stone rings because of their straight sides. We love selling and design jewelry including engagement rings around a beautiful emerald cut diamond.

Dolgins Jewelry Store Values

Icon of different diamond or gemstones in the design process

Designed By You

Our specialty is custom-crafting unique pieces for you around meaningful diamonds or unique gemstones.
Two people feeling comfortable with their jewelry purchase

Sold With Integrity

Every piece of Dolgins jewelry is sold with integrity. We are a family-owned and trusted business for 4 generations.
Jewelry made to wear while gardening because Dolgins believes jewelry is meant to be worn

Crafted With Care

Our jewelry is crafted with expertise and high standards to stand up to every day and every part of your life.