Dolgins History

We Go Back

The Dolginow family has operated Dolgins on varies scales and in different locations in and around Kansas City.

Starting Out

Dolgins began as a small pawn shop in downtown Kansas City in the 1920s with Louis Dolginow running the operation.

  • Louis Dolginow and family at the pawnshop in downtown Kansas City.
  • Inside the pawnshop of the Dolginow family in the 1930s.

David Takes Over

David Dolgins joins the family business with a vision and motivation for expansion.

  • David Dolginow in front of a register at North Kansas City Dolgins store in the 1950s.
  • David Dolginow's business card in the 1950s

Moving to NKC

After decades of operating in downtown Kansas City, David and his wife Dolly move Dolgins to North Kansas City and move beyond the pawn model.

  • Richard Dolginow's Dolgins business card
  • Dolgins store at 1000 Burlington Ave
  • Dolgins Catalog from the 1970s

Expanding Dolgins

With the success of the North Kansas City store, Dolgins expands the catalog operation and begins opening more locations. Yale and Richard Dolginow take over from David and Dolly.

  • Yale, Dolly, and Richard Dolginow planning a new Dolgins location.
  • Dolgins announcement of new location in Johnson County.
  • Dolgins parking lot from the 1970s

Marsha Joins

Marsha Loveland joins Dolgins as a jeweler apprentice after completing her coursework at University of Kansas. She apprentices for two years gaining valuable bench jewelry-making experience.

  • Marsha at the bench in the Dolgins Shop.
  • Dolgins jewelry shop in North Kansas City on Halloween.

Selling The Catalog Showroom

Ready for a new chapter, the Dolginow family sells their stake in catalog showroom to Best Products.

  • Listing of Dolgins stores when Dolgins was sold
  • Dolgins catalog from the 1980s
  • Sign featuring found David Dolginow

D Jewels at The Elms

Richard Dolginow opens a small boutique jewelry store in the lobby of the Elms hotel.

  • Front door where the jewelry shop at the Elms was located.
  • Inside and showroom on the Elms Hotel Jewelry boutique
  • Vault custom painted from the Elms shop
  • D Jewels in the Elms Hotel Logo

Back To Johnson County

Richard Dolginow brings Dolgins back to Overland Park by opening up a custom jewelry office in Windmill office park.

  • Jewelry shop of Diamond Expressions in the late 1980s featuring Tim Gwen, master jeweler

Storefront In Regency Park

Richard expands beyond custom jewelry into a storefront with Diamond Expressions in Regency Park in Overland Park selling and crafting fine jewelry.

  • Sign of Diamond Expressions in the 1990s
  • Front sign of Diamond Expressions
  • Diamond Expressions business card and logo

From Diamond Expression To Dolgins

Naming rights to Dolgins become available again, and Diamond Expressions becomes Dolgins again.

  • Expanded showroom photo of Dolgins Diamond Center
  • Logo after changing the name from Diamond Expressions to Dolgins.
  • Photo of the storeroom at Diamond Expressions

Moving To An Office

Richard moves from a storefront back to an office focusing on custom jewelry.

  • Richard Dolginow evaluating a diamond.
  • Richard Dolginow evaluating a necklace
  • Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler logo

Joining The Business

Joseph Dolginow, the fourth generation Dolginow, joins Richard full-time in the custom jewelry office.

4th Generation Take Over

Joseph Dolginow takes over for Richard and continues the family tradition focusing on fine custom jewelry, beautiful diamonds, and engagement rings.

Dolgins Jewelry Store Values

Icon of different diamond or gemstones in the design process

Designed By You

Our specialty is custom-crafting unique pieces for you around meaningful diamonds or unique gemstones.
Two people feeling comfortable with their jewelry purchase

Sold With Integrity

Every piece of Dolgins jewelry is sold with integrity. We are a family-owned and trusted business for 4 generations.
Jewelry made to wear while gardening because Dolgins believes jewelry is meant to be worn

Crafted With Care

Our jewelry is crafted with expertise and high standards to stand up to every day and every part of your life.