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Parathian Kingdom Coin Ring

What makes this ring exceptional is the coin. I have a hard time imagining what their process was like to mint a coin like this over 1900 years ago. The coin, which has been verified authentic by NGC, was minted between 78 and 120 AD in the Roman empire. The obverse side of the coin features Vologases III of Parthia and Arsaces I of Pathia on the reserve. The coin is minted from silver though it is not as pure as we see today.

Marsha and I designed a ring to emphasize the coin. The ring is made from sterling silver with a hand-carved pattern and an 18 karat yellow gold bezel.

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Basic Specs

  • Main Colors Silver/Yellow

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What I Believe


Marsha and I specialize in working with you to create your perfect piece. We design and craft jewelry to your style not the other way around. Jewelry should be customized for you.


Jewelry is tangible. Metals wear differently, sizes fit differently, and colors radiate differently. Buying local allows you to learn the difference and select appropiately.


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