Oval Aquamarine Loose

I love aquas, and they are beautiful as center stones for jewelry and engagement rings. Their hues range in variety of blue and bluish-greens reminding anyone who sees them of the ocean.

The aquamarines I sell are clean meaning there are no eye-inclusions and well-cut. This particular aqua weighs about 2.5 carats. This particular aqua is an oval-shaped brilliant cut.

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What I Believe


Marsha and I specialize in working with you to create your perfect piece. We design and craft jewelry to your style not the other way around. Jewelry should be customized for you.


Jewelry is tangible. Metals wear differently, sizes fit differently, and colors radiate differently. Buying local allows you to learn the difference and select appropiately.


Whether goldsmithing, platinumsmithing, or diamond setting, the beauty depends on how well it is crafted. Our experience, size, and connection to our patrons means we deliver the top quality jewelry.


Unfortunately, scams are all too commonplace in jewelry. Overcharging or ridiculously overcharging are standard. I sell beautiful, top-quality jewelry at fair and honest prices.