0.98 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond E VS1

0.98 carat radiant diamond E color VS1 clarity with a diamond grading report from the Gemological Institute of America #5172135396. The diamond is laser inscribed with GIA 5172135396.

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Basic Specs

  • Shape Radiant
  • Clarity VS1
  • Color E
  • Weight in Carats 0.98
  • Independent Grading Report Number 5172135396
  • Grading Lab GIA
  • Length 5.79
  • Width 5.19
  • Depth (mm) 4.05
  • Table Percentage 78
  • Depth Percentage 78.1
  • Culet None
  • Polish Good
  • Symmetry Good
  • Fluorescence None
  • Clarity Characteristics Feather - Crystal - Pinpoint - Indented Natural - Extra Facet
  • Inscriptions GIA 5172135396


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