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We want your rings to fit comfortably, and fingers change sizes. We can size almost any gold or platinum ring to make them larger. Some like eternity bands or certain setting styles are more difficult, but we normally can discuss options. Most all ring sizings are completed in our shop, so they never leave our site. To increase a ring’s size, we measure the ring to see what size it is to start. If the ring needs to be larger by two sizes, we cut out a piece of the metal from sizing stock that is purchased from our vendor. The piece of sizing stock needs to be milled to the proper thickness and cut to the proper width so it can be soldered or welded into the existing ring shank. If there is a design in the ring, we try to match the design as close as possible, sometimes using engraving or applying miligrain so there is no evidence of the sizing. After the piece is installed, the ring will be rounded out, filed, sanded and polished.


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Adding metal to platinum ring to make it larger
Adding metal to platinum ring to make it largerTools necessary to resize rings

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