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Ring Sizings and Resizings

I want your rings to fit and fit comfortably. Marsha and I have the tools in our on-premise shop to complete any ring resizing. We work only on fine jewelry including pieces made from platinum, gold, or palladium. Marsha and I have been resizing rings for over 4 decades in Kansas City, so you can be assured your ring will be sized correctly.

Ring resizings tools on a jewelers bench

Related Services

Cutting off rings - we will cut your ring off your finger for free. We have new, high quality ring cutters specifically for this purpose. Because rings that are too tight cause finger swelling, we cannot resize your ring right away.

Refinishing - whenever we work on a piece of jewelry, we clean it and completely refinish it. It will look brand new when you get it back. The refinishing is included in the price to resize the ring.

Trying on a ring after resizing stretching a ring to make it larger

Rings We Will NOT Size

During an initial inspection, I will let you know if we can resize your ring.

Silver - we very rarely resize silver rings. It is best to buy silver rings that fit you.

Poorly Constructed - some rings are not made well enough to be resized.

Worn Out Rings - overly worn rings may not be worth sizing.

Prices To Resize Rings

Estimates to resize rings are always free. There is no pressure.

The cost to resize rings varies widely. Generally, to size a 14 karat white gold ring, expect to pay around $100. Here are a few factors that affect price:

  • Platinum, gold, and palladium rings are each different prices to size because the metals are different prices.
  • Number of gemstones or diamonds in the ring. More diamonds and gemstones mean a ring is more difficult to size.
  • The direction of the sizing - resizing a ring down is less than expensive than up.
  • The number of sizes - resizing a ring from a 6 to 10 is more expensive than sizing a ring from a 6 to 7.

We guarantee our work and want you to be able to wear (and enjoy) your ring. As a part of this guarantee, we will size your ring until we agree it fits even if we have to size it multiple times.

Mandrel for sizing a ring Marsha soldering a ring after resizings

Wear Your Rings Again!

Client Testimonial

Repair, Resize, and Restore Mother's Ring
Rating: 5/5 stars Rating: 5/5 stars
Review: Richard Dolgin did a wonderful job refurbishing a ring I inherited from my mother after she passed away recently. They understood the sentimental value of the piece of jewelry, and they cleaned, sized and restored it to be even more beautiful than I imagined! They went above and beyond to replace everything to how it had been originally. I will treasure this ring for the rest of my life, and pass it along to the next generation. Thank you so much for your help!