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Restringing Pearls

With time and wear, the material thats holds pearl jewelry together wears out. Marsha and I restring a lot of pearl necklaces and bracelets and can certainly help you.

Pearls for bracelet and necklace need to restrung

Our Process

Restringing pearls is more than just new knots. We begin by carefully disassembling your necklace or bracelet making sure each pearl and the clasp is in good condition. The next step is an extended cleaning in our special pearl cleaning solution; we only work on clean jewelry. Also, chances are the pearls will have that beautiful shine again after a cleaning. The clasp will also be cleaned and renewed if necessary. Next, we string each pearl together. Normally, we use a high quality, tight-woven, natural silk cord. Next, each pearl is individually knotted. Finally, the clasp is attached.

Please note that pearls recently restrung will be shorter as the new cord has not been stretched.

Pearls laid out for measuring and counting before restringing.