Three Diamond Ring In Platinum

3 diamond ring 1
3 diamond ring 2
3 diamond ring 3

I sell a lot of three-stone rings. They have been a classic ring style during my career and really peaked in popularity when the "Past, Present, & Future" advertising campaigns ran. Given that they are a popular style, they are really not a custom job. However, I want to include this particular 3 diamond ring because it is a favorite but also it illustrates what we can do if you want to upgrade your diamond. This customer visited my studio wanting more "bling" but to still wear her original diamond. To accommodate those requests, we decided on a new and larger 1 carat center diamond. Her original diamond would flank on one side and another new diamond on the other. All the diamonds were rounds. We matched the quality of her original diamond for the two new ones.

November of 2015