Solitaire Asscher-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Asscher cut engagement ring 1
Asscher cut engagement ring 2
Asscher cut engagement ring 3
Asscher cut engagement ring 4

This couple began their search for a symmetric octagon-shaped step cut diamond. I researched and look but really did not find any diamonds that met their criteria, so finally asked them to view a few Asscher cut diamonds, which are step-cut octagons but do not have equal length sides. I told them I could have my diamond cutter modify the shape into exact what they requested. However, she loved this Asscher, which is almost 3 carats large. She then designed the ring in solid platinum. The ring is a solitaire that features the Asscher-cut bezel set with micro milgrain edges around the bezel. The under carriage of the ring is flower-like.

June of 2016