Custom Jewelry FAQs

Custom jewelry can be confusing. We want to work with you to a craft a meaningful piece that you can enjoy and wear daily. Here are some common questions I field daily. If you have a specific question and do not see it here, please call me at (913) 696-1003.

We essentially use two types of media in custom jewelry pieces. Gemstones including diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, opals, amethysts, aquamarines, tourmalines, tanzanites, and so many more. Gemstones are not required. Customers sometimes have inherited them from a mother, father, or grandparent or I supply one that we agree on. The second media is a precious metal including white, rose, or yellow gold in any karat or platinum or palladium. I seldom do custom jobs in silver but can if scenario makes sense.

The cost of a piece of custom jewelry depends on the specifics of the piece. The metal, the weight, and the gemstones and their quality, and who is supplying those gemstones are a few of the significant factors. Also, how intricate the design and time it takes to craft the piece can affect the price.

Expect to pay at least $1,000 for custom piece of jewelry or engagement ring. Marsha and I have also sell a lot of custom pieces that are much more than that.

Though, custom jewelry from my jewelry store is almost normally less expensive for similar quality than designer items that you see advertised in magazines, the internet, and television.

Absolutely, the best way is to call (913) 696-1003 or e-mail me at or visit this page.

I provide an estimate before having you shake hands on beginning the piece. I stay to that estimate unless we change the parameters, in which case you will get an updated estimate.

I like to complete custom jewelry pieces including engagement rings within one month or 4 weeks. There are a two steps that can prolong that timeframe. The first is finding the right gemstone can be difficult and may take patience. Second, tweaking the design can delay the production. Lastly, custom pieces get delayed for random reasons such as weather, which are no fault of anyone but do occur.

Marsha and I are very prompt to the deadlines we set. When you and I discuss a piece of custom jewelry, we will verify a timeline and sick to it.

While we craft a lot of custom jewelry in my studio, we also work with some premier jewelry manufacturers who make jewelry in the United States and Italy. We can evaluate these options in my studio as alternatives.

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Drawing, wax model, and finished custom engagement ring