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Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler - Diamonds & Engagement Rings

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Selling Your Jewelry - What You Need To Know

I have been buying and selling fine jewelry including engagement rings, gold, and diamonds in Kansas City for decades. Before you visit my jewelry store, here are a few details to know including the process.

The Process

I try to make selling jewelry, gold, diamonds, and/or engagement rings as painless as possible. My jewelry store is a low pressure environment. The process is usually very straight-forward and quick.

  1. Gather Your Items

    Decide what you want to sell, what you are may sell, and group them.

    If you have information such a prior appraisal or purchase receipt, please gather that as well. I will ask for it. If you do not have anything or know anything about your jewelry, NO PROBLEM. Do NOT pay someone for an appraisal.

    What Jewelry I Buy Here

  2. Make An Appointment

    When you reach out to me, I will ask for pictures or any information you have. I do that to make sure that I am interested in buying the jewelry you have.

  3. Our Meeting

    Marsha and I will appraise your items. We are normally very quick. For example, a meeting in which someone wants to sell 10 pieces usuaully takes about 30 minutes. Most appointments take about 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. An Offer

    If I am interested, I will make you an offer. The environment is safe and low pressure. If you want me to explain my offer, I will show how I figured the cash value I did. On rare occasions, I will need more time to put together an offer in which I will ask you to leave the jewelry with me, secured in my vault and insured while I put that together. You are welcome to consider my offer for a few days.

  5. Accept

    If you accept the offer, I will write you a check which you can deposit in your account or cash downstairs at the bank. Before writing you a check, I will need a take a copy of a current and valid government ID such as a drivers license.

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