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Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler - Diamonds & Engagement Rings

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Answers To Questions About Selling Your Jewelry

Over my many years of buying gold and jewelry in Kansas City, I have answered a few common questions. Here is a list of the questions and my answers.

This list is not exhaustive, but here is mainly what jewelry I buy:

  • Scrap 8, 10, 14, 18, 22, or 24 karat Gold Or Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Certified Diamonds Such As GIA, AGS, EGL, & More
  • Unwanted Jewelry
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Antique Jewelry Or Precious Metalwork
  • Gold Chains
  • Gold Coins
  • Engagement Rings - Regardless Of The Condition!
  • Gold Wrist Or Pocket Watches
  • Rings - Gold Or Platinum
  • Gold Class Rings
  • Gold Mason Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold, Platinum, Or Antique Brooches And Pins

This question is difficult. Without seeing the jewelry, I cannot give a good appraisal value. My offers are based on current market prices for both the precious metal like gold or platinum and the diamonds. My offers are very competitive with any jeweler or diamond broke in the United States. The best way to get an answer to this question is to schedule a time for your appraisal.

Here are some common jewelry scams, which I hope you have avoided.

Absolutely, the best way is to call (913) 228-2808, text me here at (913) 228-2808, or e-mail me at or visit this page.

The appraisal for the value of your jewelry or quote for what I would pay you for it are both FREE. So many other jewelry buyers especially across the internet have use hidden fees, but I keep the transactions simple and straightfoward.

You not obligated to accept my offer though I would like you to. However, I understand some people may want to think on their decision to sell valuable items and respect that.
I cannot buy every jewelry or fine metal item that I see. Unfortunately, I do pass or will not make an offer on some items. Often times, the item is just not a piece I can resell. Here is a quick but not exhaustive list:
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Pearls
  • Certain Diamonds
  • Flatware - Silver Or Other
  • Most Common Qualities Of Pearls
  • Any Costume Jewelry

Reach Out About With More Questions About Selling Your Jewelry Or Wedding/Engagement Ring.