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Selling Wedding/Engagement Ring After Divorce

Here is an example of jewelry I purchased. A few years after her divorce, a woman wanted some money to treat herself. She came to me sell her wedding ring and other jewelry she was gifted during her marriage. She kept the jewelry as a part of her divorce agreement. The lady decided to keep a diamond for her children and said she would gift it to one of them in future.

Here is a list of what she sold me and the price:

  • 1 Carat Round Diamond Uncertified - $2,500
  • 14 karat yellow gold ring with princess cut side diamonds - $200
  • Pair of gold hoop earrings, a well-worn 14 karat gold ring for the 0.75 carat diamond, and a broken chain - $75
  • 0.75 carat round diamond - $800 (she kept for this diamond for one of her children)

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