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Selling Jewelry Inherited From A Relative Such As Mother & Estate Jewelry Service

This example is from my own life. My mother never wanted to sell any piece of jewelry, and she accumulated quite a bit as the owner of a Kansas City jewelry store. When she passed, my siblings and I divided it up her jewelry estate. Some pieces we kept and cherish to this day. Others we made, and some we sold because my wife, children, sister, brother, nieces, nephews, and/or other family members would not wear them and preferred to have the cash.

The jewelry I wanted sell belonging to my mother was good quality and stylish when she purchased it. However, most of it was well-worn, so I sold it for scrap value. She did have a few pieces, including a beautiful diamond, which I reset in a solitaire engagement ring for my wife.

  • Scrap gold trade-in value on heavy 1970s worn-out 14 karat gold chain - $60
  • Scrap gold trade-in value 18 karat gold earrings, necklace, and fashion rings - $260
  • Scrap gold trade-in value on diamond engagement ring (just the ring) - $30

Just like my family did with my mother's jewelry, I can do for your family. Bring in your inherited or estate jewelry to my Kansas City jewelry store, and I will work with you to appraise and divide out pieces, repair any pieces you want to continue to enjoy, and buy any pieces you no longer want.

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